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Generic serializer

The generic serializer is a project that aims to perfrom serialization/deserialization on a C sharp object or a graph of object to transform it to any kind of format that suits sepecial needs. All you need is to implement the IFormat interface

that takes the properties names and values and format them to your suitable format. I delivered a json format implementation under the formatters folder/namespace as an example that it has to be used for the demonstration only and not for production because it lacks some features like supporting json collection object formatting that you can add by the way.

I also provided to custom attributes to decorate the generic formatter class, namely:


: The format attribute class will tell the generic formatter about the used format type, after developing your custom format class and puting it into the formatters folder, you have to decorate your generic formatter with this attribute and you should indicate the name of your IFormat implementation


: The Storage mode will indicates the mode of storage and I provided two options, thus, the file could be stored in your file system in a given location or you can store it in an isolated storage location for more secure way

I also provided a couple of videos to put the floks hands wet with that project

This is the part one tuto
This is the second part tuto
This is the third part tuto
And this is the fourth part

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